Sunrise Fresh

Our Story: Nellie Giannecchini, 1st generation farmer from Lucca, Italy as shown here to the right, is harvesting her cherries at age 84. Ernie now carries on the tradition through Sunrise Fresh bringing you their best in every piece of fruit.

"Our family has been farming for over 100 years since my Grandfather and Great-Grandfather immigrated from Italy in the early 1900's, following the San Francisco earthquake. During this era, they grew, delivered, and sold their berries and produce directly to buyers at a local farmer's market. My father, after serving in the Navy during WWII joined my Mother's family farming business. As times changed, farmers also changed the way they marketed their crops. Instead of selling directly to the public, they sent their produce to a packing and marketing facility. The personal contact with the end-buyer soon became non-existent.

Upon my Father retiring, my Husband and I began our own journey in the Agriculture industry. We continue to farm my parent's original Cherry and Walnut orchards that were planted in 1954. We have redeveloped some areas of the ranch by planting Fuji Apples and different varieties of Walnuts. This orchard, along with others that we farm in this area total only 145 acres; considered small comparatively, we are still able to put that personal touch on every piece of produce.

Helping with many of the ranch duties are our three sons. Growing alongside the magnificent trees that grace our orchards, our sons have developed a love for farming as well as our philosophy of farming. Being a small farmer, we had to look beyond our trees into the future in order to provide promise for our sons when they take over these acres. 'From our orchard to your home' was born because of you, the customer. Our sons will continue to farm by those words much like my father and grandfather.

We are reaching into the past to inherit the philosophy of my ancestors; produce directly to you. Not by horse, or wagon, but with the same heart and soul.

Together we can make this happen."

Janie Samuel
Owner: Sunrise Fresh, 4th Generation Farmer