Our wholesale/bulk division delivers directly to your door in several sizes and packaging types. Tailor any order above 150 lbs. with options including dicing, piecing and lower-moisture fruit. Sunrise Fresh is a grower, processor, ingredient provider and branded producers of cherries, blueberries, peaches, pears, and apples. All-natural, Unsweetened, USDA organic, no added sugars, no preservatives, non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free, sulfate-fr͏e͏e, and 100% upcycled!

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Dried Bing Cherries

The Bing cherry variety is kept as a separate lot as many of our customers request this specific variety. Dried Bing Cherries have a more distinctive taste profile that veer between sweet and tart as Bings tend to have more acid. Bings in California are a household favorite and are great snacks all day long or the perfect addition to morning breakfasts in oatmeal or yogurt!

Dried Dark Sweet Cherries

These Dried Dark Sweet cherries are preferred by Retail chains for private labeling or branded sales and are a special favorite of trail mix companies and snack bags for airports or on-the-go young families.

Dried Rainier Cherries

They are the golden cherry with a hint of blush one would see in grocery stores during the fresh cherry season. These dried cherries are much sweeter than our Dried Dark Sweet Cherries with the same amount of sugar per serving. Fresh Rainier cherries are considered a “Gourmet” cherry, and they are slightly more expensive, making the Dried Rainier Cherries costlier as well. The awesome thing about Rainiers is they pair perfectly with yogurts and ice cream in diced form or in various snack mixes as well as a perfect healthy snack by themselves.

Organic Dried Dark Sweet Cherries

Available in a limited supply. The prices vary from season to season due to demand and availability. Fresh organic cherries are not widely grown in California or Washington due too their unique growing practices that make large scale farming difficult.

Low Moisture Dried Cherries

A favorite of our chocolatier and the fruit inclusion bar companies. These can be produced in all cherry varieties we offer. Our Low Moisture Dried Cherries are loved by chocolatier’s up and down the west coast as the conversion to “no sugar added” and clean labels are of great importance. As for fruit inclusion bars, our lower moisture cherries flow through production lines easily and allow belts or bagging machines to flow with ease.

Dried Diced Cherries

Available in all varieties. Diced products are perfect for any ingredient format, in salad kits as toppings, to yogurt cups, to pancake mixes, protein bars, ice creams, meat flavorings and pretty much anything you can think dried cherries would pair well with. Our Diced Dried Cherries are perfect for any application and are flowable through most machinery or co-packer lines!
Sunrise Fresh Dark Sweet

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