5 Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Dried Fruit Provider

If you are looking to purchase larger quantities of dried fruit and want to establish a relationship with a provider, here are “5 Questions” that we think you should ask - us or any other purveyor of ingredient-quality dried fruits:


1. Do your fruits contain any added sugars or other sweeteners?

In today’s ‘label conscious’ environment, if you use ingredients with added sugars or sweeteners, you are required to list those on your label - and on your ingredient statements.  Some fruits are sweetened to make them more palpable (i.e. cranberries) and you can find everything from High Fructose Corn Syrup to Pear Juice to Stevia - as a way to add sweetness.  Other fruits, like those at Sunrise Fresh, are unsweetened – as they are naturally sweet and require no extra added anything - “Just the Fruit… And Nothing Else”


2. In what quantities do you sell dried fruit and what is your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

Not all producers can accommodate order quantities for smaller businesses or foodservice applications.  Many only sell by the truckload or ‘full pallets’ - which may or may not work for you.  If you are cooking for 1 restaurant or hotel, for instance, you won’t be needing a truckload - but depending upon the usage, you may need only 20 or 30 pounds.  At Sunrise Fresh, we can supply you with everything from Snack Packs (individual 1 oz. packages), multi-serve re-sealable bags up to 2 lbs., boxed products (with resealable bags inside) from 4 lbs. To 20 Lbs., half-pallets, full pallets - and only if you need them – a truckload!


3. Where do your fruits come from?

An easy question to ask, but not always an easy one for suppliers to answer!  Fruits are grown all over the globe - under different conditions and farming practices, yielding varying qualities of fruit.  Even the drying and preservation methods can vary - including sulfite and preserving agents, none of which we use at Sunrise Fresh.  We’ve made a commitment that our brand will only contain fruit grown and processed in the U.S.A.  The majority of our fruit comes from California’s Central Valley - but we also purchase raw fruits from growers in the Pacific Northwest, including Washington State and Oregon - all of which meet stringent standards.


4. Are your fruits available year-round?

Of course, we all know that, unless you buy fruits from the Southern Hemisphere, each variety only has a relatively short growing and harvest time.  In fact, that’s why the practice of ‘drying’ came about in the first place.  Still, you will find providers that only make their fruits available during the few months following harvest, because they don’t purchase in quantities that would span the seasons.  Now, it is important to remember that producers, all of us, are working at the whims of Mother Nature.  We are not running a factory making widgets – and sometimes, there will be interruptions and shortages - due to rain activity or sustained drought, However, Sunrise Fresh goes to great lengths to ensure that our customers have a consistent supply of their chosen fruits, 24/7/365.


5. How easy is it to buy direct?

If you’ve decided to use dried fruits - as ingredients or in large quantity recipes, you don’t want to jump through hoops or a bunch of 3rd parties in order to get your order.  We’ve made it pretty easy at Sunrise Fresh – you can purchase any of our bagged Consumer Branded fruits on Amazon.com and Walmart.com in any quantity - even a single bag.  You can also buy ‘bulk’ quantities - up to 20 lb. on Amazon as well or at our web store: SunriseFresh.com. The web store also has case-lots and we are available on abound and Faire Marketplace.  It’s just a couple of clicks to get up to 200 lbs. of cherries, blueberries, peaches, pears or apples on their way to you!


If you’re looking for industrial applications (over 200 lbs.), connect with our Sales Team at sales@sunrisefresh.com and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs.  Please note that we also process custom cuts, viscosity levels, quality specs and delivery methods to fit your needs.  Contract pricing is always available at higher quantities.  We make it easy!