Dried Fruit Uses


At Sunrise Fresh, our dried fruits are 100% natural and unsweetened. They are picked at the height of freshness for maximum flavor and nutrition. All of our fruits are dried quickly after being harvested ensuring that you get the very best of what we have to offer. Our dried fruits have a myriad of uses. From personal to professional and everything in between, our fruits add the richest flavors, unique textures, and the vibrant touch of color that will make any recipe better.

Dried Fruits in Bakery and Confectionery

Our dried fruits add the final touch that will make your creation stand out above the rest, from cookies to cakes to candies and pastries. Whether you use them whole, sliced, or diced, our dried fruits will always provide the same great taste and texture you expect from every Sunrise Fresh product. Because they are dried at the peak of freshness, you can rest assured that you are getting the most nutritious, naturally sweet fruits every time.

Dried Cherries in yogurt

Dried Fruit in Dairy, Beverages, Smoothies, and Frozen Novelties

Add our dried fruits to yogurt, beverages, smoothies, and any type of frozen novelty for a huge boost of flavor and a touch of color. They blend easily and provide the rich texture that will make your recipe stand out among the others. At Sunrise Fresh, our goal is to provide you with dried fruits that are versatile as well as nutritious. When you want to add that little extra zing to your desserts, Sunrise Fresh can help with “Just fruit... and nothing else!”

Cereals, Snack Bars, Trail Mix, and Snacks with Dried Fruit

Looking for a great way to start your day or a quick pick-me-up after lunch? The dried fruits we offer at Sunrise Fresh are great additions for cereal, snack bars, trail mix, or simply as a snack you can eat straight from the bag. Processing our fruits quickly after they are harvested ensures that they retain as much of their flavor and nutrient value as possible. They have an extended shelf life and are easy to pack for a lunch or afternoon snack. Their natural sweetness gives the boost you need without any added sugar, additives, or preservatives.

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Upgrade Your Jams, Sauces, Salads, and Toppings with Premium Dried Fruits!

Sunrise Fresh dried fruits are also ideal for jams, sauces, salads, and toppings. Unsweetened and full of flavor, they will add that something extra to every dish. Our drying process leaves just the right amount of moisture so that the texture is perfect and the flavor is amazing. 

No matter what type of dish you are making, Sunrise Fresh offers you the best dried fruit products on the market. Easy to store, measure, and blend, they offer both taste and texture to any recipe! That's what you get when you use “Just fruit... and nothing else!”