Notice Regarding Product Availability and COVID-19

Due to unforeseen high demand caused by the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, our Amazon store is currently out-of-stock of our 16 oz. bags of Dried Sweet Cherries.

We are working overtime to replenish supplies for our Amazon customers. In the meantime, you can still purchase our 8 oz. bags or our new 32 oz. bags of Dried Sweet Cherries, our tasty 32 oz Rainier Cherries, or any of our other great dried fruit.

Thank you for your patronage and support,
The Samuel Family

What Are You Craving?

Everything tastes delicious when you have the right ingredients.

When you need a large volume of really good stuff
You are what you eat. Be healthy and delicious.
You can only cook as great as the ingredients you use

Refreshingly Healthy Snacks And The Perfect Ingredient For Nutritional Bars, Salad Toppings, Trail Mixes, Ice Cream, Pies, And More!


About Sunrise Fresh

Over 100 Years of Family Farming

With the 4th generation entering into the family business, we grew up alongside the magnificent trees that grace our orchards and developed a love for farming as well as for our philosophy of respecting the land we farm. We feel we are stewards of the land, a partner with Mother Nature.


We look forward to sharing all of our Healthy Dried Fruits with you – from our family to yours!


– Jane Samuel