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Here we are in February already!!  And, of course, besides the Super Bowl, it is National Cherry Month!! (Could it have something to do with Washington’s Birthday???)

And for that reason, you should be enjoying Sunrise Fresh Dried Cherries – as snacks, as ingredients in baking or tossed on salads.  They are incredible – just the right amount of sweet – but with no added sugar!!

If you are one of our Consumer Shoppers, Thank You – and we now have a direct link to either Amazon or Walmart.com for you to order smaller quantities.  For our friends in Foodservice, you can quickly order case quantities or bulk fruits (up to 200 lbs.) at the link provided above.

And for our Wholesale Customers, you can also click below to be put in touch with our Sales Team where you can get further pricing and delivery information. We have spent part of 2020 working to smooth our export operations, so if you are looking for quality dried fruits for importation, we are experienced and equipped for smooth transactions.

Talk to you all soon!

Stay well,

The Samuel Family


San Joaquin County, located in Northern California, is the home to Sunrise Fresh and lots of amazing produce. We’ve created a DELICIOUS blend of our cherries and locally grown walnuts just for you!

Refreshingly Healthy Snacks And The Perfect Ingredient For Nutritional Bars, Salad Toppings, Trail Mixes, Ice Cream, Pies, And More!


Cherry Harvest 2020

About Sunrise Fresh

Over 100 Years of Family Farming

With the 4th generation entering into the family business, we grew up alongside the magnificent trees that grace our orchards and developed a love for farming as well as for our philosophy of respecting the land we farm. We feel we are stewards of the land, a partner with Mother Nature.


We look forward to sharing all of our Healthy Dried Fruits with you – from our family to yours!


– Jane Samuel