Dried Apples


Sunrise Fresh is a leader in our field when it comes to unsweetened fruit products – and our apples are no exception!  No added sugars and no preservatives means that you get the freshest tasting dried apples on the market.  Whether you are baking with our Tart Apples or snacking on our Sweet Apples, you can be assured that are having only the best Mother Nature has to offer.

The Peak of Freshness

We have always heard: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. And dried apples are not only tasty – they are healthy too!  We go to great lengths to work with our growers in California and the Pacific Northwest to make sure we get our Sweet and Tart Apples harvested at the peak of ripeness. This means they are more flavorful and still full of nutrients.  Sunrise Fresh Tart or Sweet Apples are picked and sliced complete with their skins, so no flavor or nutrients are lost.  And we don’t add any sugar, sweeteners or preservatives.  This means that, no matter how you use them, in your baking, cooking or snacking right from the bag, our Sunrise Fresh Dried Apples will taste amazing and still have all of the nutrition your family needs.  Sunrise Fresh – “Just Fruit… and Nothing Else!”