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Bing cherries are one of the most consumed varieties of all the sweet cherry types in the country. Their flavor makes them an ideal choice for almost any type of sweet delight including pies, puddings, cookies, or inside granola/snack bars.

No sugars, sweeteners, or preservatives are ever added to Sunrise Fresh Bings.  Our unsweetened  Bings are well-known for their abundance of antioxidants as well as their anti-inflammatory properties. Because they are dried at the peak of ripeness, they contain the maximum amount of nutrients possible, including Vitamins A & C. They also contain anthocyanins that have shown promise in preventing the progression of Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

Bing cherries also contain a modest amount of melatonin that may encourage better sleep patterns and they are one of the most nutritious dried fruit ingredients available on the market. At Sunrise Fresh, we have a consistent year-round supply of Bings available in wholesale quantities for use as a tasty ingredient. The bonus is that you get the perfect cherry taste in every bite!