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Sunrise Fresh takes great pride in offering its customers the best dried fruits on the market. Whether you buy our products by the bag or by the lot, every piece of dried fruit we sell has been harvested and processed at the peak of ripeness.  Our dried fruits are 100% natural with no added sweeteners, preservatives, or additives. We know that whoever buys our dried fruit products expects only the best. That is why we offer “Just fruit... and nothing else!”


Sunrise Fresh serves consumers who are looking for ways to add the healthiest, most nutritious dried fruits to their diets. Our dried fruits are great for snacks or to mix with yogurt and oatmeal. Parents who choose to purchase our dried fruits know they can put them in their children's lunchboxes, providing them with a healthy treat that tastes delicious and offers an abundance of energy without any added sweeteners or additives of any kind. It will always be “Just fruit... and nothing else!”

Dried Fruit for Food Services and Resale

Sunrise Fresh specializes in providing the foodservice industry with both premium, unsweetened ingredients and ready to eat snacks. Bakeries, hotels, and restaurants appreciate the versatility of our fruits which provide their dishes with the best colors, flavors, and textures. The clean label and convenience of our dried fruit products are a bonus that does not go unnoticed.

Dried peaches sold in bulk and wholesale from Sunrise Fresh

Dried Fruit for Wholesale Ingredient Market

Sunrise Fresh provides the highest quality, unsweetened dried fruit products for the wholesale ingredient market. Companies that produce many of the healthier foods we consume look for the freshest tasting, most nutritious ingredients possible. We offer our dried fruit products to our wholesale customers in the ingredient market so they can provide a quality product at an affordable price. All of our dried fruit products are 100% natural, unsweetened, additive, and preservative free!

Sunrise Fresh Serves The Industry!

At Sunrise Fresh, we are committed to every buyer and company we serve. Whether you purchase our products from Amazon, Walmart.com, Faire, our website, or directly from our Sales Team, you will always get the very best we have to offer. We stand by our products and provide only 100% unsweetened, natural dried fruits with no additives and no preservatives.

At Sunrise Fresh, it's “Just fruit... and nothing else!”

Sunrise Fresh employee

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