Dried Pears 6oz


Sunrise Fresh Dried Fruit

Fresh from Central California, these delicious Natural Dried Pears are sweet, chewy, and packed with flavor. Unlike many other dried pears on the market, our California Pears are unsweetened- meaning NO added sugar of any kind! They are appreciated for their sweet flavor and creamy color and are moist & ready to eat. The subtle flavor makes it a perfect partner for bittersweet chocolate, pungent blue cheese or aromatic spices. Processed with No Added Sugar or Sulphur Dioxide, our pears maintain our clean label ideal! Our Natural Pears make the perfect, nutritious snack for your hiking trip, a busy work-day, your school lunch or added to chutney, compote and bakery product. In addition to their delicious taste, pears have an abundance of health benefits: pears are high in fiber which may help lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation and maintain a healthy digestive tract; pears are a natural source of antioxidants; and pears are a good source of Vitamin C!
  • HIGH QUALITY PEARS - Every bag is full of unsweetened dried pears with NO added sugar.
  • GREAT SNACKS - No sugar added, non-GMO, gluten-free, healthy snacks for the whole family!
  • HEALTH BENEFITS- High in fiber, natural source of antioxidants and a good source of Vitamin C! See our description below for more benefits!
  • REAL FRUIT - Natural, home grown pears that will surely delight.
  • RESEALABLE BAG - Our resealable pouch helps retain freshness and is made with 20% or more of post-consumer recycled plastic.