Dried Fruit Global Market Size, Trends, and Analysis

Dried Fruit Global Market Size, Trends, and Analysis

Drying and dehydration have been used to preserve foods for centuries. Over the past 20 years, methods of drying fruits have advanced to the point where more and more nutrients are preserved and the final product maintains much of the integrity as it does in its natural state. As these processes improved, the global market has exploded when it comes to the distribution and sale of dried fruits. In 2021, the global sales of dried fruits exceeded $7 billion according to businesswire.com.

In the 1980s dried fruits and nuts were quickly becoming healthy snacks for both kids and adults. Then athletes got on board including dried fruits as a vital part of their sports nutrition plan. These two uses are undoubtedly the strongest drivers of the dried fruit market. Using dried fruits in recipes follows closely behind. If you ask investors or market analysts where the strength of dried fruit lies, they will guide you back to the first two.

Size of the Dried Fruit Global Market

Across the world, the global market for dried fruit continues to grow. It's important to understand where dried fruits are purchased. It's obvious that the bulk of wholesale foods are purchased directly from the manufacturer/distributor. The public, however, has a wider selection of stores and markets to choose from.

If you look at the sales of dried fruits, much of what is being purchased comes directly from grocery stores, supermarkets, and large mass merchandisers. These sales have continued to increase over the past few years. A huge jump in sales has come from E-commerce and convenience stores. Amazon and the other E-commerce platforms have allowed a wider audience to see different kinds of fruits and packaging styles. In fact, Sunrise Fresh, with our unsweetened fruits are consistently ‘Amazon’s Choice’ and our Cherries have been #1 on Amazon for over 3 years!  At your local convenience store, you will now find fruit & nut mixes alongside candy bars as even ‘road warriors’ try to find healthier snacking alternatives. With online sales topping off the numbers, these two areas together account for almost the same number of sales as traditional grocery stores.

Marketing Trends in Dried Fruit

Knowing where the highest number of sales is coming from helps marketers develop ad campaigns to reach out to those audiences. Projections show that online sales will steadily increase over the next few years. This means that a wider audience can be reached across the world with a varied array of products

In the United States and across Europe, convenience stores, which make up a large portion of the market, offer dried fruit lovers quick and easy access to the snacks and foods they need to get them through the day and an alternative to traditional chips or candy bars. Eventually, it is estimated that online sales will eventually increase to the point that it rivals sales from both grocery and convenience store sales.

United states dried fruit market size

Analysis Methods for Marketing Dried Fruits

Point of sale, or POS, statistics offer detailed insight into where dried fruits are purchased and in what quantities. These numbers also show which dried fruits are purchased most often. Out of the top five fruits (apricots, dates, raisins, figs, and berries). The top two are raisins and dates by far, making up over 2/3 of the total sales. Part of the reason for this is the extensive use of both raisins and dates as ingredients in such a wide variety of recipes.

Dried Fruit Insights By Region

If you look at the volume of dried fruit by region, Europe had over 30% of all global revenue associated with dried fruits. The Asian Pacific area boosts its production from year to year and is quickly catching up to Europe. With more and more people including dried fruits in their diets, regions are increasing production to keep up with the ever-growing demand. By marketing the health benefits and convenience that dried fruits offer, marketers are pushing sales harder than ever before. It is also important to  note that the United States has the largest product sector for a country on its own.

Raisins, bowl

Following the Products

The key to understanding the dried fruit global markets is to follow the products. Including dried fruits in your diet for the health benefits isn't just a trend in the United States. Eating healthy is popular across the globe and is one of the key marketing strategies that many marketers use to capture the attention of their target audience.

Many buyers want to know where products come from. The United States has strict guidelines on the use of pesticides and other chemicals which are often found in the fruits after they are harvested. Countries like China, India, and many European countries don't have these strict guidelines. 

Distribution Insights and Projections

Dried fruits are easy to package and distribute making them convenient and easy to use. Because dried fruits are easier to transport than fresh, the projections in terms of sales are expected to continue to increase over time. As more and more people continue to use the internet as a purchasing tool, the global revenue associated with dried fruit is expected to steadily rise over the next few years. As long as marketers continue to focus on the top three uses for dried fruits, the industry can expect to improve dramatically in almost every area.

Tying It All Together

Market analysis shows that dried fruit is a global favorite. With countries all over the world producing and selling dried fruits, it has become a race to see who will be the global leader. Countries like China, India, and Germany produce large quantities of dried fruit products and have the highest percentage of sales for a reason. They drive the market because they produce the largest quantities.

Dried fruit is used all over the world. While the United States is still in its youth when it comes to addressing the global market, growers/producers like Sunrise Fresh offer many of the highest quality dried fruit products available. The dried fruit products are naturally sweet with no added sugar, sweeteners, additives or preservatives. When a customer buys any Sunrise Fresh product, they know they will be getting Just Fruit and Nothing Else! Shop our dried fruits up to 200lbs here or contact us for wholesale opportunities!