The Benefits of Buying in Bulk: Dried Fruits for Restaurants & Chefs

The Benefits of Buying in Bulk: Dried Fruits for Restaurants & Chefs

Restaurants and chefs know the importance of buying their supplies in bulk. Managing a restaurant or kitchen is a stressful job simply because you do not have time to wait when you are ordering ingredients. This is part of the reason why buying in bulk makes so much sense. Not only is it a good decision financially, but it also increases the efficiency of the kitchen making it possible to do more with fewer delays. Buying Sunrise Fresh Dried Fruits in bulk is simply good business and you always get... Just fruit and nothing else!

Less Packaging but Super Convenient…

Buying dried fruit from Sunrise Fresh is good for the environment. When you buy larger quantities, fewer packaging materials are used. Less packaging means less waste to go in a landfill. Even if you recycle it, there will always be some type of impact on the environment and we try to help you lessen that. Our bulk boxes have plastic bag liners that are totally re-sealable and will help to make your fruit last longer and stay moister.  Making the decision to buy in bulk means that you will be minimizing your restaurants' impact on the environment and reducing the amount of waste you generate on a daily basis.

Saves Money and Time

Using excessive amounts of packaging costs money. If you buy your dried fruits and other ingredients in bulk, you reduce the amount of packaging that will be used. At Sunrise Fresh, the more dried fruit you buy, the less you pay per pound. Sure, our 8 oz. bag of Cherries tastes great, but you don’t want to be opening 6 or 7 bags to make one recipe!  Buying in large quantities means less handling and much less time spent during the packaging process. Overall this can save quite a bit of money when you order dried fruit in bulk on a regular basis. As a chef, you are responsible for the financial health of your kitchen. Buying in bulk helps you achieve that goal.

More Stock on Hand with Less Ordering

With bulk orders, you have more stock on hand when you need it and can actually cut back on the number of orders you place. Having more stock on hand means that you have more time between orders. It also gives you an opportunity to determine how much you can keep on hand at one time for maximum efficiency. And we make it’s super convenient to order - you can jump right to our Webstore, purchase on Amazon or contact our friendly sales department at:

Saves on Shipping Costs

Buying in bulk will also save you in shipping costs. Sending two smaller boxes will cost you a lot more than selling one box that is somewhat larger. At Sunrise Fresh, we offer our dried fruits in bulk orders because we know how important it is for you to save money. We do everything we can to make sure our shipping costs remain as low as possible. When you buy in bulk, you make it easier for us to provide you with the best shipping prices.

Consistency in Both Flavor and Texture

As a chef, you want to make sure you have the best products on hand at all times. Buying dried fruits in bulk ensures that you have consistency in terms of both flavor and texture. Constantly rotating stock into your kitchen may lead to a difference in taste or texture. The more dried fruit you order at one time, the less change there will be. Consistency is key when you are trying to build a reputation for quality and satisfaction.

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Keeps Profits Up!

If you want to maintain your profit margin, you need to do things that are more cost-effective. Buying dried fruits and other ingredients in bulk is one of the key ways of saving money. When you are constantly trying to save money, it's important to be consistent. Purchasing quality ingredients can be expensive. Buying in bulk can reduce those costs and make them more affordable which, in turn, will increase your profits as well as make you a favorite with your patrons.

At Sunrise Fresh, we offer the very best dried fruit products available. We also offer them in bulk so you can get the ingredients you need most at affordable prices that will help you meet your bottom line. And we have several ways you can order your fruits - you can visit our Webstore, buy on Amazon or contact our Sales Department to help you out!  We work with restaurants and chefs so that we can help them create the most delicious recipes using the best possible products. After all, when you choose Sunrise Fresh dried fruits, you get ...Just fruit and nothing else!!