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Wholesale Dried Fruit Provider in California, United States

Sunrise Fresh is a leading premium dried fruit wholesaler in the state of California. We offer the highest quality dried fruits to all of our customers. Our dried fruits are exclusively grown in the United States so we are able to monitor their growth, as well as how they are harvested. As soon as they are harvested, they go through our drying process to preserve as many of their nutrients as possible. As a wholesaler, we offer many of our products in bulk to meet the needs of many of our buyers in the Foodservice, Wholesale, and Food Production industry.


What Does Being a Wholesaler Mean?

As a Wholesaler, Sunrise offers discounts to companies that sell products at retail. Some buy our products at wholesale prices, whether in cases or in bulk, for resale. Other companies buy only in bulk to use the products for baking or as ingredients in other food-related items. By purchasing dried fruit products in bulk, a bakery or food manufacturing company can keep their prices low and their products of premium quality, while at the same time, lowering added sugars and increasing fiber and probiotics. As a wholesaler, we package larger quantities of a product to make them more cost-effective for buyers who require a larger amount per purchase. Once a buyer reaches a 1 pallet MOQ, he or she can deal directly with our sales team to arrange purchase. Additionally, at this level, we can also offer customized solutions including dicing, chopping, and various product enhancements to fit how the ingredient is being used.


Who Does Sunrise Fresh Work With? 

As a wholesaler, we normally sell items in bulk to retailers, who will turn around and sell the products at retail prices. They may also sell them ‘in bulk’ at their stores or they may re-package and sell them under their own labels.  Sunrise Fresh also makes smaller packages of dried fruits for retailers who sell them directly to their customers. We also sell large quantities of dried fruits at bulk prices to manufacturers, bakers, and restaurant owners who use our delicious, unsweetened dried fruits to make the dishes they serve to their clients. As a wholesaler, we are able to offer many of our dried fruit products at much lower prices depending on the quantity that is purchased. For ‘Bulk’ quantities of 5 lbs. to a full pallet (+1,200 lbs. approx.), our customers are welcome to order from our  Webstore or at other platforms, including Amazon.comFaire, U.S. Foods, and DOT Foods Distributors or drop a note to Solutions@sunrisefresh.com and let us know what you need!

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Can All of Our Customers Buy Wholesale Products?

Most wholesalers, including Sunrise Fresh, only sell to other businesses that buy in bulk. There are certain situations where we may choose to sell bulk products to an individual customer for their own consumption. Individuals who have large families or feed large groups of people on a regular basis are allowed to buy in wholesale quantities without a retail sales certificate or business license. This can be easily done through our Webstore or at Amazon.com. Most individual customers do not buy in bulk for the simple fact that they may not be able to use the entire amount of product before it goes to waste.

Is It Better to Buy in Bulk?

For companies who use large amounts of dried fruits on a regular basis or plan on selling them to customers, buying in bulk is normally the best way to go. Buying in bulk dramatically lowers the cost per pound. This means it can be a much more cost-effective way to purchase several pounds or boxes. Our customers resell the items with a mark-up to their customers or consumers. If they purchase Unsweetened, no sugar added dried fruits in bulk from Sunrise Fresh, for baking or cooking, they can sell their food creations for a much more affordable price.

Sunrise Fresh: One of the United States’ Best Dried Fruit Wholesale Companies!

Sunrise Fresh is one of California's best-unsweetened dried fruit wholesale companies. We provide premium quality dried fruit products to all of our customers. As your wholesaler, we know that our products may be the first ingredient you choose for your recipes. Our goal is to make sure you get the best so that your product will be the best.


When you choose Sunrise Fresh for your dried fruit needs, you will receive the most nutritious, highest-quality products. This is our guarantee to you! Our unsweetened dried fruit products are 100% natural with no added sugars. You can choose from Cherries, Blueberries, Peaches, Pears, and Apples. All of our products are processed immediately after harvesting so that you get the freshest tasting products. With Sunrise Fresh, you get Just Fruit and nothing else! Get in touch with our Solutions Team team today or send in your inquiry directly to Solutions@sunrisefresh.com!