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Dried Fruit Around the World

When we buy most food products, we normally don't think about where they come from. When it comes to dried fruits, there are several countries across the globe those ship products to the rest of the world. You might not know that the United States produces a large portion of that total number. In fact, the U.S. ranks in the top three when it comes to the production and exportation of dried fruits and dried fruit-related products.

Top 5 Dried Fruit Producers Across the World

While dried fruit products are produced across the world, there are five that are known to be the top producers according to They include:

  • United States – 16%
  • Turkey – 16%
  • Iran – 13%
  • Saudi Arabia – 7%
  • China – 5%

Different areas of the world produce a wide variety of fruits and nuts that are dried and packaged for wholesale use, mainly based on what type of fresh fruits are grown in that region. . The dried fruits produced in the United States are sold to both wholesalers as well as retail customers who are purchasing products in bulk (or in smaller sizes) for their families. People, including chefs, professional bakers, and distributors, who want the highest quality products want to purchase from producers they trust. That is why so many of them choose Sunrise Fresh!

Do You Receive Freshness Guarantees with Dried Fruit Products from Other Countries?

Bulk producers from other countries may or may not provide a freshness guarantee with their products. This will mostly depend on what the rules or regulations are concerning labeling and disclosures. Many countries do not require the producers of dried fruit products to disclose any information about how their products are produced or packaged for resale. The United States, however, has strict guidelines for both disclosures as well as labeling. The FDA, for example, requires a high level of transparency in terms of freshness, ingredients, and whether or not a product is organic or not.  And, of course, all Sunrise Fresh products are FDA approved.

Choosing the Right Dried Fruit Supplier

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There are several things to consider when you are trying to choose the right supplier. We’ve outlined some of the most frequently asked questions about choosing a supplier in our article 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Dried Fruit Supplier. One of the first things to consider is what is the quality level of their fruits and can they supply similar quality on a year-round basis.  

Why Choose Sunrise Fresh

When you want the highest quality dried fruit on the market, choose a company that offers exactly that. Sunrise Fresh produces only premium dried fruit products! Our fruits are consistently #1 on Amazon - where millions of shoppers vote with their wallets!  The fruits we sell have tremendous flavor, with their own sweetness and no additives or preservatives. All fruits produced by Sunrise Fresh are processed immediately after being harvested, so that you will always receive the freshest possible products. None of our products are ever frozen (SQF) and held for later drying. We offer a variety of packaging to accommodate both wholesale and retail customers as well as single bagged consumer items.

Sunrise Fresh is one of the leading producers of premium dried fruits in the United States and our goal is to ensure that every customer is satisfied with what they receive.  We guarantee it 100%. Sunrise Fresh provides Just fruit and nothing else!! To learn more about our company, products, wholesale and pricing please visit