Fruit Production in California’s Central Valley

Fruit Production in California’s Central Valley

The state of California is one of the biggest fruit and nut producers in the country. The central portion of the state has a large number of orchards that produce oranges, apples, cherries, plums, grapes, almonds, pecans, and a wide variety of other fruits and nuts. Farmers throughout California continue to update both their growing methods as well as their harvesting methods to ensure they can maintain sustained levels of production. For some when fruit numbers decline, the production numbers for nuts begin to increase and vice versa, when nuts begin to decline, fruits begin to increase.

At Sunrise Fresh, we are growers of both fruits (cherries) and nuts (Almonds, Walnuts) and while we only sell fruits to consumers, our nut products are sold as ingredients in some of the tastiest foods you can buy.


One of the Largest Fruit Producers in the Country

A study performed by the Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economists claims that two-thirds of the fruits and nuts produced in the United States come from the state of California. In 2015, California's fruit and nuts farm sales totaled approximately $18 billion. This added up to be close to 40% of the state's total farm sales. Out of all the numbers from 2015, cherries accounted for approximately $200 to $300 million of the total. The numbers fluctuate from year to year with fruits and nuts vying for the lead.

The impact of California's fruit and nut harvest on the industry is pronounced due to the large number of fruit and nut varieties that can be produced in the moderate climate. Much like other states, those that have a temperate climate can grow many different varieties of fruits and nuts. The more types of fruit they produce, the more influence they have on the agricultural markets.

Cherry production, Sunrise Fresh

Cherries Are a Million Dollar Industry

In California alone, the monetary impact cherries have on the economy is easily visible. Cherries are one of this country's favorite fruits. They are used in so many different ways that their versatility is well-known. The Sunrise Fresh farms are known to produce some of the best types of cherries on the market. Not only do we produce the highest quality products, but we also offer a large selection to choose from. We offer our products to both large wholesale/retail customers as well as to consumers in handy resealable bags..

The Cherry Industry Is Growing

The cherry industry continues to grow, partly because of the new ways fresh produce is being offered for sale. While a large amount of the fruit crops will always be sold fresh, some will be processed and then preserved in cans, jars or as frozen fruit.  . Another popular way to purchase cherries is to buy them dried. Dried fruits still contain much of their fresh-picked nutrients and are easily measured so they can be added to recipes. While you will need a smaller amount, you will still be able to achieve the maximum amount of flavor. By adding dried fruit to the list of options that customers have to choose from, the cherry industry will continue to grow.

Advanced Technology

At  Sunrise Fresh, we  use the latest technological advancements to grow and sustain our cherry trees. Our growing techniques are tested to ensure that our trees continually produce the finest cherries. Quality produce is not achieved by accident. It takes years of hard work and steadfast diligence, observing every change and guiding the growth of our plants and trees to achieve the perfect state of growth. In addition to using cutting-edge technology to grow our cherries, we also use it in the harvesting and processing areas as well.

Dried cherries, Sunrise Fresh

The Dried Fruit Industry and How It Has Grown

Dried fruit has become its own industry. More and more people are looking to dried fruits as a quick source of nutrients and energy. Smaller servings provide just as much nutritional value as larger portions that are full of water. They have a longer shelf-life and can be kept in the freezer almost indefinitely. Dried fruits maintain their nutrients for longer periods and can be used in a variety of ways. You can cook with them, put them in salads, or eat them on their own as a snack. Include them in your favorite trail mix for an added touch of flavor.

At Sunrise Fresh, we have taken our growing and production methods to the next level. Our goal is to continue to provide our customers with the highest quality dried fruit products on the market. There are no added sugars and no preservatives. As part of theCentral Valley’s farming community, Sunrise Fresh will always go the extra mile to provide its customers with, “Just fruit... and nothing else!”