How Good Are Blueberries for You?

How Good Are Blueberries for You?

The Little Superfruit That Could!

And does! Yes, the Blueberry is a small – but powerful ‘superfruit’ that packs a lot of things into a round, bluish-purple little berry. As consumers, foodservice pros and chef’s appreciate the mighty taste of the little blueberry; more recently, there has been a focus, as well, on their super health benefits! The Blueberry in not only ‘good for you’; they’re great for you!

Blueberries are a great source of vitamins, minerals – and fiber! They also over perform in antioxidants – and are totally heart-healthy. In fact, blueberries are one of the best sources of antioxidants of all plants – and on top of all that, they taste so good!

There are lots of so-called ‘super’ fruits out there – with hard topronounce names and coming from exotic climes – but the good old Blueberry is not only ‘super’, it’s North American Native and grows in many places across the county. A lot like its’ cousin, the Cranberry, the Blues really like wetter conditions for growing and
they love a ‘swampy’ environment. This makes them a little tougher as a harvestable crop – but they make up for it in volume per square acre!

At Sunrise Fresh, our Blueberries are mainly the ‘high bush’ style and are grown primarily in California – although we do source berries in Oregon and Washington State, as well. And our blueberries are never frozen – no IQF here! Drying blueberries from fresh takes a little more time and care. Their delicate nature requires very gentle handling – and Sunrise Fresh’s unique process does just that!

Blueberries are also recommended for treating High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure, as well as in the control of diabetes as they help reduce fasting blood sugars and improve insulin sensitivity. Yes, the little ‘Superfruit that could’ is even being touted as having more good stuff in it than any other conventional fruit we consume!

Regardless, at Sunrise Fresh, we love our blueberries and will continue to work to dry for you only the finest quality fresh berries out there, preserving as much of the color, flavor and healthy goodness we can- and never adding any sugar or other sweeteners.

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“Just the Fruit… And Nothing Else!”